Pool mission
Fee refund
Fee 0.0%
Fixed fee 340 ADA
The fixed fee are refunded. Read more
Saturation 4.9%
Pledge 101k ADA
Est. return 4.80%
Delegators 40
Blocks 83
Total stake 2.4M ADA

The cheapest Cardano stake pool out there!

TECH pool is a bare-metal setup running on an ASUS PN51, powered by clean Norwegian hydro energy with one relay located in Sortland/Norway, TECH pool is maintained by an expert with ~10 years of experience in Linux OS server maintenance. Due to the minimal fixed fee of 340 ADA we are prohibided to set the pool fees any lower, we have therefore developed a custom software to automatically refund ~94% of the fixed fee to the pool delegators (read more). The remaing 6% of the fees will be split between server maintainace (4%) and donations to open source projects (2%).

Pool mission

We at TECH pool belives that open source projects deserves more credit, the truth is that open source projects are making the world a better place because of open source tools like e.g., Python and Tensorflow/PyTorch are used for cancer research, or Raspberry Pi used in education in Africa. Therefore, will we at TECH pool donate 33% of pool fees to open source projects, this could be projects like: Which projects that will receive donations will be voted on via the official TECH pool twitter account (@CardanoTech).


Date Foundation ADA USD
2021-11-03 Haskell Foundation 21 44
2021-12-20 Python Foundation 34 42
2022-01-21 CCVault.io 22 26
2022-03-07 Save the children - Ukraine crisis 83 66
2022-06-05 Ubuntu Foundation 84 48
2022-07-03 The Giving Block - Ukraine Humanitarian Relief 45 20


It is not easy to attract delegators as a small pool operator and this is due to the cursed minimum 340 ADA fixed fee and here is why.

The problem

At the time of writing (June 5th, 2022), the reward for minting a block on the Cardano blockchain is ~640 ADA, for a small pool like TECH pool there is a ~58% chance of minting one block each epoch, this means TECH pool will be minting a block about every second epoch. Due to the minimum fixed fee of 340 ADA the actual pool fee per epoch with one minted block will be 53% (340/640*100), but if a stake pool is big enough to mint e.g., 15 blocks per epoch the fixed fee will account for only ~3% in fees, but this will also require about 17M ADA in total stake, here is a plot that illustrates the impact of the fixed fee per June 5th, 2022. Actual pool fee with fixed fee

We at TECH pool belives that this is unfair for our delegators, so we have come up with a solution.

The solution

TECH pool will refund the fixed fee to its delegators. This can now be achieved because we have developed a Python based refund software that will automatically refund the fixed fee, delegators are not required to send their receiver address, all they need to do is stake with TECH pool and the refund will happen automatically when they receive the staking rewards.

How it works

The software will refund the fees proportional to the delegators stake, here is an example for a recalculated 3% fee with one block produced:

To refund: 640*0.97 - (640 - 340) = 320 ADA

Stake Refunded
Delegator 1: 100.000 ADA 94 ADA
Delegator 2: 40.000 ADA 38 ADA
Delegator 3: 200.000 ADA 188 ADA
Total: 340.000 ADA 320 ADA

The Cardano blockchain do not allow transactions of less than 1 ADA, therefore, delegators eligible for refund less than 1 ADA will be pooled together for each epoch and random winners will be drawn to get e refund of more than one ADA. The more ADA you have staked, the larger chance of winning, only delgators with smaller stake than ~2800 ADA will be participating in the lottery, those with a larger stake will get a refund more regularly.

Refunds so far

Date Amount Receivers Transaction
2022-09-23 265 14 Cardano Explorer
2022-09-18 284 15 Cardano Explorer
2022-09-13 302 15 Cardano Explorer
2022-09-08 284 14 Cardano Explorer
2022-09-03 321 15 Cardano Explorer
2022-08-29 284 14 Cardano Explorer
2022-08-24 302 14 Cardano Explorer
2022-08-09 321 15 Cardano Explorer
2022-07-25 321 15 Cardano Explorer
2022-07-20 321 14 Cardano Explorer
2022-07-15 321 12 Cardano Explorer
2022-07-05 302 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-06-20 283 9 Cardano Explorer
2022-06-15 302 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-06-10 301 11 Cardano Explorer
2022-05-31 321 11 Cardano Explorer
2022-05-26 321 11 Cardano Explorer
2022-05-11 261 9 Cardano Explorer
2022-04-21 320 11 Cardano Explorer
2022-04-16 320 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-04-11 320 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-03-17 321 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-03-12 321 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-03-07 321 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-03-02 321 10 Cardano Explorer
2022-02-25 321 9 Cardano Explorer
2022-02-10 320 9 Cardano Explorer
2022-02-05 301 8 Cardano Explorer
2022-01-26 320 7 Cardano Explorer
2022-01-16 320 6 Cardano Explorer
2022-01-06 320 6 Cardano Explorer
2021-12-27 300 6 Cardano Explorer
2021-12-17 320 7 Cardano Explorer
2021-11-27 320 6 Cardano Explorer
2021-11-22 319 6 Cardano Explorer
2021-11-17 319 6 Cardano Explorer
2021-11-07 320 5 Cardano Explorer
2021-11-02 320 4 Cardano Explorer
2021-10-23 298 5 Cardano Explorer
2021-10-08 319 6 Cardano Explorer
2021-09-23 340 7 Cardano Explorer
2021-09-18 340 7 Cardano Explorer
2021-09-13 340 8 Cardano Explorer
2021-09-03 340 5
2021-08-24 340 3
2021-08-19 297 3
2021-08-14 318 3


About TECH Pool

TECH pool is running on a ASUS PN51 (4 core, 16 GB RAM), a low-power computer drawing less than 45W of power - less than the power consumtion as a non-LED light bulb. TECH pool utilizes one relay, located in Sortland/Norway, the relay is rented trough a Norwegian VPS provider (www.deploi.no). By running both stake pool and relay in Norway we assure that (i) the whole TECH pool infrastructure is powered by 100% renable energy like hydro or wind and (ii) we aid the decetralization of the Cardano blockchain by avoiding popular VPS service like Amazon AWS or DigitalOcean. This infrastructure has prooven reliable as the pool has been online ready to mint blocks 24/7 since its deployment in 15th of March 2021.

For any questions you can contact us on Twitter or Discord or the contact form below.

About me

My name is Bjarne, I entered the Cardano community in January 2018 and been active in the ever since. I have both a Bachelors- and Masters degree in computer science, and currently employed as a scientist working on data analysis using machine learning and sustaianble solutions for food cultivation. I am a TECH entusiast - I love to invent, build and develop usefull solutions that utilizes new and interesting technology, my hobbies include, developing and programming, skiing, mountain hiking and speedriding.